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Sky Graffiti - Fellow CAP Members
Does the key senior leadership discriminate and harass members/employees of Civil Air Patrol? Yes it does. There are several former members of the National Headquarters Staff who were also members of the Civil Air Patrol. They put their hearts and souls into Civil Air Patrol for the Cadet Program. However, they have been harassed, discriminated against, and then terminated when they objected to discrimination and fought for their program. To me, this is discrimination and retaliation at its finest.

Unfortunately, it seems like they are getting away with all of their discriminatory acts. CAP Member Lori Swanson was one such example. Trying to work the program the best she possibly could, she was constantly belittled by the key HQ leadership, who actually sought out volunteers to complain about her devotion to her projects. Our own Executive Director told some wing commanders that Doug Isaacson, former Director of Cadet Programs, was put on Administrative leave because he was shacked up with Lori Swanson. He also spread some rumors that she neglected her responsibilities on IACE last year (97) because she was busy sleeping around with her "boyfriend" in Germany. That same Executive Director is attempting to hold Lori responsible for the incident involving some cadets at IACE getting drunk and trashing their room. This could not be further from the truth. How can the Executive Director of Civil Air Patrol get away with telling KEY CAP LEADERSHIP such untruths? This is some of the basis for Lori Swanson's lawsuit against CAP.

Telling a Wing Commander that an employee is shacked up with her Director is not just irresponsible, but unforgivable! How do I know this? A Wing Commander came up to me, unsolicited, at the Middle East Region Conference last November, and told me that's what the Executive Director said to him when he asked him why Doug Isaacson was put on administrative leave.

What is the real truth? Lori Swanson was living in a downstairs "Apartment" in Doug's and Mollie's house while her house was being built. She babysat for him at times so he and his wife could go places and do things without having to worry about their children! Doug has always been supportive of his staff, and ALL OF HIS STAFF came from the membership and have been from all over the country. CAP pays nothing for relocation, and Lori chose to have a house built. As usual, Doug was supportive and allowed her to stay on at his house until construction was complete! This is an admirable thing, not a salacious arrangement. There was a real reason he was put on Administrative Leave, but I'm sure the proffered reason wasn't it. So not only did the Executive Director lie, he tried to tarnish both the reputations of Doug and Lori! Why would this be? Your guess is as good as mine. The Executive Director has a habit of lying to get the things that he wants. Lori was hired and paid less than other male employees in both of her positions, as the Chief of Program Management and Chief of Curriculum Development. Why is this? She was just as qualified as the other applicants and those who left for other directorates!

Lori is suing the Executive Director and CAP for discrimination and harassment, among other things. What she claims actually happened, and people who know this should speak up and oppose this sort of unlawful employment action.

A racial incident occurred at the Middle East Region Cadet Competition with a CAP Region Commander (and his wife) and a CAP-USAF Liaison Region Commander. The United States Air Force investigated the incident, verified it happened, and took action against the Air Force officer. Once the investigation was over and the furor had died down, Civil Air Patrol hired the former commander after he retired (which was held up because of the incident) with the FULL knowledge that this incident took place. The police Article
Name - Brian M. Campbell 13:10:11 12-22-03
Civil Air Patrol officer, charged with rape
A CAP Officer and former teacher has been charged with raping and molesting a teenage girl whom he knew had been the victim of previous sexual assaults.

Wendell Jerome Brave, 56, who taught social studies at Cedarcrest Junior High School in Spanaway, Wash., and is an officer and adviser to the students' Civil Air Patrol unit, was charged last week with three counts of third-degree child rape, and one count of third degree child molestation.

In documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court, prosecutors said Brave had sex with the girl 20 to 30 times between November 2002 and last April, when he was suspended from his job. The girl said she had sex with Brave in his car before and after school, and she provided DNA evidence that matched his profile, investigators wrote.

She was not attending Cedarcrest at the time but had been a student at the school, said Mark Wenzel, a Bethel School District spokesman. Brave is a friend of the girl's family and attended the trial of a man who was accused of sexually assaulting her previously, prosecutors wrote.

The girl tried to commit suicide after accusing Brave and apparently sent him a letter at some point denying that they had had sex but is now prepared to testify against him, according to the court documents.

Brave was removed from his job after the girl told school officials she had had sex with him, and he retired in June after 12 years with the district, Wenzel said.

School officials previously noticed "the appearance of inappropriate behavior" between the two and twice warned Brave twice to stay away from the girl, "but that's all it was at that point -- appearances," Wenzel said. "When we heard from her about the alleged sexual misconduct, we notified authorities immediately," he said.

Editorial note: Folks, that is what the Civil Air Patrol calls community service. I have noticed that every time you have a group of religious fanatic like CAP who pray at the meeting, you have a group of sexually unstable individuals too. Look the Catholic priests and their church.

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Name - SkyRider 21:49:39 12-20-03
Get a grip
Remember the origins of that cliche.... Only the dead laugh the longest....

and the inquisitor label was not for validity, it was an adage to the those in the inquisitors in the spanish inquisition who believed that their view was the only one and punished those with death who they did not agree with..... santa ana citizen militia ???? what is your target to blow up, the federal buildings in downtown santa ana.... your cariacture and other writings are of an individual who should find realistic causes instead of issues regarding being dismissed or whatever happened to you from this air patrol thing... or are you one of those vengence is mine, quoteth the lord type of people who who commit genocide like your cousin milsovic did

why you joined this group, you never stated, but it was military based years before you were born and played some role in a lot of things for this country and the people within its shores, and they seem to do more good than the horrors that you are spouting about

why dont you write to ridgeway about this group and how your santa ana citizen militia should be their governing body

you would probably get an appropriate response from him

he is trying to clean up the bad groups in his area

are you going after public campaign money for your mayorship or whatever they call that office you are running for

you seem scarier than the freaks already out there

and no, i'm not on of CAP, it is a military group, and the type of structure in those groups do not interest me

besides if i want to fly, i just jump off my building where i live.

Editorial note: Please notice that Mr. Milosovic is Yugoslav, Mr. Fiala is Czech (think Vaclav Havel). However, you are excused since most of Americans are unaware where their presidents are dropping the "Daisy Cutter Bombs". As to the OCsatire format -- please read the disclaimer on the bottom of every page: "We believe that a satiric expression requires a degree of IQ for its interpretation. Therefore, we may be discriminating against morons." FYI: The origins of that cliché -- a survivor is the only one left to laugh.

full Article
Name - Laughing Hysterical 23:46:04 12-19-03
Get some reality in here
Skip Munger.... get a legal education...... anyone can file a complaint with this civil air patrol auxillary... read their own regulations... also, a similar complaint with the proper authorities by the parent as well as a lawsuit in superior court changes all of what you complained about in a second......

Also, if you read the air force documents regarding their auxillary funding, you have made some interesting mis-representations regarding what you believe is to be true about separation of air force and their auxillary

also, if you have specific and credible information regarding criminal acts and fail to report them, as in several florida cases, you can be held liable in civil courts for failure to disclose them to the correct authorities....

and when did news of the force become a distinguished site since you are not on their roles as a distinguished site......


Editorial note: Although Stanley Fiala is not an author of the article and is simply providing free speech forum for the CAP members and victimized by them, you have labeled his Constitutional effort as of the "INQUISITOR". By doing so you have clearly endorsed the article's validity. Assuming that you are CAP member, I must ask you why do you speak in anonymity?........ Huh? Are you affright of the public or the "colonels" of CAP?...... Capt. Laughing Hysterical......Huh? There is old Czech cliché: "One who laughs last, laughs best."

full Article
Name - Laughing Hysterical 22:30:56 12-19-03
Rapes and sexual harassment of female cadets by CAP officers.
Numerous people from the Civil Air Patrol -- the US Air Forces' civilian auxiliary -- have initiated a letter-writing campaign to members of the US Congress. The campaign is called: "US Air Force -- Integrity First?"

As the US Air Force appears to have been unable to investigate itself regarding rapes and sexual harassment of female cadets at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colo., the letter writers are telling the Congress that the Air Force seems also to be unable -- or unwilling -- to investigate itself within its own Auxiliary as well.

The CAP is a nonprofit corporation chartered by Congress to perform quasi-government functions listed in Title 36, United States Code; and later was designated as the US Air Force Auxiliary in Title 10, USC.

For many years, the USAF has conceived that it has authority over CAP "operations," but not over CAP "administration." USAF management review has been separated into matters involving "Air Force interests" and those involving "corporate interests." Reports of high-level USAF Auxiliary officers refusing to comply with CAP regulations and abusing their authority was not perceived to be within USAF authority or responsibility. The USAF has generally declined to investigate complaints of "corruption and mismanagement" absent alleged misuse of federal funds or property.

A significant theory of the campaign is that the USAF really does want significant change in its own Auxiliary, including administrative as well as operational control.

But the Air Force got blindsided by the tremendous resistance put up by the "colonels" of CAP, who were strongly opposed to allowing the Air Force to move into their turf.

The Air Force essentially got severely stung in the Congress in 1999 over its Auxiliary. It was badly embarrassed and vowed that would not happen again.

However, even though the Congress ordered the establishment of a Board of Governors to oversee the CAP -- and had the authority to appoint all of its members -- the USAF incredibly backed off from that plan and allowed the Civil Air Patrol itself to appoint some of its own members to that board.

When President Clinton signed the 2001 Defense Authorization Act which created the CAP's Board of Governors, the Department of Justice legislative review noted that the Board was a "federal office" which must be filled in compliance with the US Constitution's "appointments clause." That would essentially require Secretary of the Air Force to appoint all eleven Board members. Curiously, the Secretary of the Air Force is contesting a lawsuit in federal court seeking that precise ruling.

Meanwhile, the USAF continues to claim it has no "jurisdiction" over corruption in the internal management of the CAP "corporation," notwithstanding that it enjoys the advantages of quasi-government status as the USAF Auxiliary.

The USAF policy to disregard management misconduct which did not directly affect "Air Force interests" left the way open for unscrupulous characters to find each other and create a tyrannical clique.

The National Board system is one in which corruption flourishes because the highest level corporate officers have no accountability to anyone outside their own high-level corporate clique. They continue to tell the big lie (which the USAF echoes) that the corruption issues "have already been addressed."

In reality, the corporate clique has repeatedly covered up and refused to address clear misconduct. With the USAF unwilling to investigate such cover-ups, the ruling clique is accountable to no one.

The misconduct of CAP Colonel Andrew Skiba, then-Colonel Bowling, and CAP Brig. Gen. Bobick (the past CAP national commander) from 1997 through 2001 is a classic example.

Col. Skiba had a pesky member of the Florida Wing, CAP Lt. Col. George Metz, trumpeting accountability for communications equipment. Col. Skiba's solution was to suspend Metz's membership, violating CAP regulations. Metz fought that "unlawful" suspension, making an official complaint to the Southeast Region Inspector General against Col. Skiba. The IG investigated and reported that Skiba had indeed violated CAP regulations and had no factual basis to suspend Metz's membership.

The Southeast Region commander, then-Col. Bowling, thus knew Col. Skiba had done wrong. He not only took no action whatsoever to correct Skiba, Bowling actually affirmed the "unlawful" punishment of Metz. Emboldened, Col. Skiba then ended Metz's membership entirely, violating the clear CAP regulatory prohibition against reprisal for an IG complaint. At this point, the Air University IG, Col. Greg Florey, was told by his superiors the USAF had "no jurisdiction."

To make matters worse, then-National Commander James Bobick followed exactly the same path, refusing to disclose to the corporate board of directors a National IG report which made the same findings as the IG report. CAP Brig. Gen. Bobick simply declared that he found no official misconduct by Cols. Skiba and Bowling, then declared that "no one" had the authority to question his decisions as CAP national commander.

Having established that any person's membership could be terminated without cause -- despite CAP regulations to the contrary -- Bobick dared the corporate board of directors to challenge his absolute power. Not surprisingly, no one did.

Now, the very same issue which has been repeatedly covered up is before the Board of Governors, and USAF Lt. Gen. Kehoe is doing his best to persuade the BoG not to investigate, despite two internal IG reports.

Perhaps the fear is that the corporate clique will rebel against the Air Force. Perhaps the corruption is so deeply ingrained that even a USAF three-star general finds he must cooperate with the de facto rulers, like a labor union infiltrated by organized crime. Perhaps the USAF has "cut a deal" with the ruling clique. They can ignore regulations and cover up misdeeds -- and have a USAF general officer protect their "corporate" powers.

One of the other official complaints which the corporate clique refuses to investigate (and the USAF says it is unable to investigate) is that Col. Antonio Pineda, then the commander of the CAP's Florida Wing, assisted in moving a 17 year old female cadet out of her parents' home and into the home of an adult CAP officer, who had been dating the female cadet. That CAP member would be a "child abuser" and Col. Pineda would be equally culpable. Col. Pineda apparently violated CAP's "Cadet Protection" regulation, but it was covered up by the ruling clique and Col. Pineda has been promoted to CAP Southeast Region commander and to the CAP's National Executive Committee.

Pineda, in his civilian employment, in a special agent of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement -- the state's own "FBI." Under Florida law, it is a felony for a person in such a position to fail to report child abuse to the Florida Department of Children and Families and to law enforcement authorities. In this case, Pineda never did.

In a similar case, a female cadet member of the CAP squadron at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida was dating a CAP senior member -- and having sexual relations with that CAP officer -- although at the time, the female cadet was only 14 years old. Such sexual relations between the two were actually occurring in the CAP's parking lot -- in the CAP officer's car -- on the base following CAP meetings.

The incident was reported to Air Force authorities on the base, but nothing was done -- despite the fact that the situation constitutes a crime on a federal reservation, even under civilian law.

And, although this incident occurred in a Florida wing unit also under the command of CAP Col. Pineda, it was never reported -- by him or anyone else -- to Florida's child abuse authorities.

At what point should the Secretary of the Air Force have legal and/or moral responsibility to ensure the integrity of the "corporate" management? Should the Air Force leave its CAP cadets so vulnerable to adult sexual exploitation and abuse?

The pressure applied by the Air Force Auxiliary to get its own members on the Board is but another example of the Civil Air Patrol's hierarchy attempting to ensure that its own foxes are guarding the entire hen-house.

Air Force Lt. Gen. Nick Kehoe was appointed to chair the Civil Air Patrol's Board of Governors.

It may well be that Lt. Gen. Kehoe was given marching orders by the Air Force to try to convert the CAP's corporate culture into a real US Air Force Auxiliary. Sources tell News of the Force that there is no love lost between Kehoe and the CAP's national commander, CAP Maj. Gen. Richard Bowling.

Perhaps Kehoe managed to browbeat Bowling into being the champion of reform and changes that Bowling has become because Keyhoe had the goods on Bowling and could have thrown him out on any given day. Apparently, Bowling promised to "kiss Kehoe's ring" to avoid the ignominy of being deep-sixed right after he got elected as the CAP's national commander.

Even so, Kehoe has been protecting Bowling, even after Bowling pulled an incredibly stupid stunt by attempting to terminate the membership of CAP Col. Angelo Porco -- a former commander of the CAP's California Wing.

But some other Board of governors members really took offense at that and have really taken offense at Kehoe's heavy-handed efforts to protect Bowling.

The CAP's national commander is now in line to become the chair of the Board of Governors (replacing Kehoe), and it seems there are a lot of folks in the CAP's membership who do not want Bowling to be both the national commander and the Board of Governors chair. It smacks too much of one-man rule.

In the meantime, CAP Col. Porco keeps pressing the Board of Governors for a hearing on his complaints against Bowling, and Kehoe keeps trying to shut that down, saying Bowling did no harm to Porco.

Then Porco came up with an idea to treat the situation as if it were a court-martial; what would Bowling be charged with if military law were to apply?

With a little help, Porco came up with 60 charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice -- and 99 counts of violating CAP regulations -- with which the CAP national commander could possibly have been charged.

Complaints of corruption and mismanagement have finally reached the Air Education and Training Command -- which currently is the Civil Air Patrol's parent unit within the Air Force. Porco was going up the chain of command while others were going down the chain and both hit AETC with charges of cover up against Lt. Gen. Kehoe at the same time.

The Air Force finally realized what had been done to them and fell back on the old "USAF doesn't have jurisdiction" to investigate "internal management" of CAP excuse.

But if the Air Force does not have jurisdiction in these matters, who does?

Sources say that even Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) -- one of the strongest supporters of the Civil Air Patrol in the Congress -- would be appalled at how everyone is trying to avoid the rap for corruption in CAP.

But the complaints and controversy may have played right into the Air Force's hands. They might have wanted Congress to force them to take over and investigate the so-called "colonels" of the Civil Air Patrol.

Of course, they didn't count on the Air Force Academy scandal spilling over at the same time. Or, maybe, the USAF might be just trying to dodge the headaches and bad press of dealing with the total corruption within the USAF Auxiliary.

One of the favorite tactics of the CAP is to terminate the membership of anyone that the people in power even think will file any type of Inspector General complaint against them. According to the CAP's regulations, a nonmember (or even a member who was just summarily terminated full Article
Name - Skip Munger 20:50:23 12-19-03
Civil air patrol sucks and you never get to fly you just march around.
full Article
Name - WingedForce 13:42:36 12-19-03

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