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Sky Graffiti - regarding the use of language
the purpose for what is considered foul language is not an issue in free speech, it is in decency and respect, not just for others, but for the indisivudual's at the same time.

Repect the world with appropriate language and attitude and see how far it gets you....

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Name - SkyRider 14:23:13 12-30-10
what a bunch of crybabies
major whiners and crybabies............... this is one of those funny sites where everyone whines like babies..........

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Name - SkyRider 14:15:20 12-30-10
allegations of sexual abuse are interesting; provide information that makes it sound more real.......

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Name - SkyRider 13:51:16 12-30-10
CAP Cover-ups haven't changed since the 80s
I was in CAP in the 80s and I was sexually abused by one of the adult members, a LT. I reported it to one of the other LTs who informed the Group Commander of the incident. About a week later I was interviewed by one of the adult officers who was also a deputy sheriff. He told me it was best if I didn't report it because I would be the one embarrassed by the incident and advised me to quit, which I did. I regret not filing charges against that person because I found out he abused others.

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Name - SkyRider 08:12:33 12-26-10
what happened to the old blogs from september through december
what happened to the old blogs from september through december.......... little bit of cleansing?

Editorial response.
Unfortunately, as I was routinely upgrating my UBUNTU 10.04 server there was one module called grub-pc which caused my booting not to work. Coupled with my stupidity, falsely believing that I have last backup but I did not, I had to restart from what I had.
I am inviting you to re-post your posts if you have a copy.

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Name - SkyRider 01:28:06 12-23-10
if you don't like the organization, get out of it........

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Name - SkyRider 01:37:41 12-14-10

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