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Sky Graffiti - Formal CAP member
...Children should not be on Missions...PERIOD!

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Name - SkyRider 05:25:05 11-18-10
Formal CAP member...and glad to be out
This is a great response. The main problem I saw when I was in 'Childrens Air Patrol' was the constant 'wannabe' types that had no prior military that thought getting the rank of Captain or Major entitled them to be special, and almost beliving they are in the 'real' military. That is why most people think CAP is a joke. Unfortunately, these Boobs usually get into a Command position at the Squadron or Wing Level and make the program to PC to only fit their own agenda. "look at me" I can wear a Uniform and play pretend that I am a military officer. Too many of these idiots were in CAP and I got out...and glad of it!...Too bad, because I do believe it is a great program for young adults!

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Name - SkyRider 05:14:58 11-18-10
crybabies are the only ones who post this crap

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Name - SkyRider 07:33:24 11-13-10
NOT really who you say you are
To all who might happen across this wasted place cyberspace -- this is NOT THE Civil Air Patrol -- who ever is behind this propaganda doesn't really have what it takes to be a member of the REAL CAP. The REAL CAP is made up of countless men and women who volunteer their time and energies in countless hours to provide aerospace education to the general public, support youth activities and encourage aerospce careers and emergency services to search for lost persons, missing/overdue pilots, ELTs, and crashed aircraft, no matter what the time of day or what the weather -- and yes, to all of you spreading this ridiculous nonsense -- we will EVEN come look for you if you crash.

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Name - SkyRider 10:55:55 11-11-10

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