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Name - SkyRider 17:45:04 10-15-10
Quite the Interesting Blog
This is an interesting web site to happen across.

This CAP organization sounds as if it has a lot of shortcomings and a lot of positive actions. A lot of the responders on here, are quite the interesting and diverse group of people with the majority disliking this organization they are in and those that were in.

This Skyrider personality is quite the interesting one and might want to evaluate what he is trying to accomplish and presenting to the world of himself. The early posts on here indicate it might be this Stanley Fiala and that is one colorful individual with a reputation in his own regard.

I hope all who read this blog take it for the grain of salt that it is. The statement of the Good, The Bad and The Ugly is quite appropriate and it has nothing to do with this Civil Air Patrol organization.

Passing Traveler

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Name - SkyRider 14:38:13 10-13-10
commie besters
wot up wit u commie socil besterds and bolshies. live the republic

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Name - SkyRider 12:51:56 10-10-10
Gay Bashing
Lot of gay bashing and hate rhetoric ....

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Name - SkyRider 11:41:16 10-04-10
If it made all the difference due to moral and ethical character, then homosexuals would not be in CAP as they refuse to PUBLICLY acknowledge what everyone knows anyways.

You have Courter, who is a lesbian at the top post, you have Ken Parris, the California Wing Commander who is Gay... no one cares that they are not ethical in revelation of their sexual

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Name - SkyRider 21:04:29 10-02-10
Thanks for the information
Thank you SkyRider for enlightening me. I now have a better understanding of where you are coming from. I like to think that I fall into the third group. I have a real job in IT, and have been in that field since 1987. Initially I would just be sitting there at the VFW hall anyway while my son did his thing with the local CAP squadron. I found a small group of good folks, all ex-military except me, that really cared about the kids. There was a lot of focus on the moral character side of the house, and learning basic discipline. Added to that was stuff the kids really liked doing... learning about planes and rockets, space and military heroes. I joined CAP so I could support the squadron that much more, handling all the computer stuff and logistics and such. Do I wear the uniform? Sure, when on CAP business. Am I proud to wear it? Yes, I am proud to wear it to show that I am part of a squadron that honors our veterans and serves our community through flag-retirement ceremonies, color guard duties. I am proud of programs like Wreaths Across America that honor those that gave all. I think CAP is a good organization, but I am also mature enough to know that any organization of its size will have problems.

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Name - Walter J. Alexander, IV 04:54:03 10-02-10

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