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Sky Graffiti - Gestapo Air Patrol
General aviation pilots, former CAP members, military veterans and private airstrip owners are increasingly expressing animosity towards the CAP for their "Gestapo" tactics in regard to spying on law-abiding fellow aviators. This reeks of "Big Brother Is Watching You."

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police Article
Name - Ben Harrassed (by the CAP) 10:41:10 09-29-10
NESA - the big joke
NESA - the National Emergency Services Academy - is fine for cadets who think it's cool to play soldier for a week and learn how to do things they'll likely never do in the field, or aren't allowed to do in the field - like setting up a helicopter LZ (are you kidding me? Like CAP can call in a medivac chopper and guide them in? Pretty sure the EMS/Fire/Police already know how to do that, and they do it all the time. Sorry, CAP, that responsibility will NEVER fall to you..)

But, if you're an adult with a brain - or even half a brain - and you think you're going to go to NESA and get treated like an adult - think again. NESA is a cadet program, and CAP should just advertise it that way. They don't know what to do with non-pilot adults except yell at them and treat them like children. The people they desperately need in CAP are successful, intelligent adults to work in programs like Ground Teams - which is a glorified cadet program, anyways. But, CAP lets the "weekend warriors" who have no life be the instructors at things like NESA, and drive the smart ones away in droves.

If you're a non-pilot adult considering NESA, think again. If CAP ever gets a clue, their program may actually work.

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Name - SkyRider 06:38:18 09-28-10
Beware of CAP wanna-be's...
I've found three distinct groups in CAP. The first group is what I call the "Ex-Military Group". These are the individuals who have prior military experience and bring the good and bad of that with them. They usually have higher tolerances for the military beauracracy mentality that CAP embodies. In general, these individuals are knowledgeable and well-disciplined, able to instill the military customs into cadets, for example, but not always terribly well-rounded managers. Their interpersonal styles are generally cloned from whatever C.O. they idolized or read about, and they tend to only know how to mash the throttle and yell at people when their overbearing agendas fall flat for lack of actual leadership and management. They tend to have a "full speed ahead" battlefield mentality. That's great on a battlefield. Not so much in a corporate environment.

The second group is the "Wanna-Be-Ex-Military" types. These are, unfortunately, the ones who usually ruin it for most everyone else. These are those who shoulda-woulda-coulda been in the military, but for whatever reason never did or never could (usually never could - and our nation is safer because of that). CAP offers them the opportunity to wear a uniform and boss people around, and they generally carry a chip on their shoulder about one or more issues. These people, many times, have WAY too much time on their hands (i.e. they have no life outside of CAP), and like to nit-pick, micromanage and generally be irritating to the rest of the members. They give "weekend warrior" a whole new context. Believe it or not, a lot of these people end up in command positions - and usually keep climbing. Mostly, this is due to the fact that CAP is their life, and they have time to kiss ass and earn ribbons - because their day job is delivering pizzas, but in CAP they can be IMPORTANT.

The third type are those who are real, normal, successful people. These are usually the pilots, the AE officers, etc. These are the people who are successful managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc., that understand what CAP means, and join for the right reasons - to serve their country and community. These are also the people who CAP drives away in droves. Mostly, this is because of the aforementioned other two types of people. The ex-military types think you're an egghead unless you used to jump out of airplanes. The wanna-be ex-military types are so overbearing and protective of their little "kingdom", whatever that may be, that they let their obtusity come out in full force. This third type of individual doesn't put up with the incompetence and disorganization of the other two types for long, and if they say something about it, they are excoriated - sometimes publicly - and told to get in line and salute like a good little soldier. This is usually when the smart, successful people - the people that CAP needs desperately - turn around and walk away. And THAT is the great tragedy of CAP.

If you're this third type - beware of the other two, and take it all with a few grains of salt (maybe even salt on the glass...).

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Name - SkyRider 05:11:58 09-28-10
CAP's shortfalls
My experience with CAP has been that there are a lot of great people in it who really do give a crap. Unfortunately, at the Wing level in most states, the program is controlled / dictated by people who are either ex-military or wanna-be ex-military types who are blatantly incompetent at what they do. Those people control everything and eventually drive the good people out, or make the good people say "screw it" and they take a passive role in the program.

It helps if you get dialed in with a well-run, well-managed (notice I didn't say well-"commanded") squadron. A well-managed squadron can make all the difference, but there's still so much politics going on in the Wing-level in virtually every state that the aggravation factor just multiplies.

Nowhere will you find this more evident than in CAP's Search & Rescue exercises and training. NESA is a prime example of a program that's great for cadets, but they don't know what to do with adults who are intelligent and successful in the real world. Thy order you around and treat you like you're a 16 year-old cadet who doesn't know how to eat without specific instructions. They certainly don't know what to do with intelligent adults who are not pilots. The pilots seem to be somewhat insulated from this, but the ground team search & rescue adults just get intellectually abused.

The concept of CAP is honorable and great. Unfortunately, there is growing incompetence at all levels - from National all the way down. I wouldn't go so far as to condemn CAP as a whole, but my experience has been that if I were in a situation where my life depended upon the efforts of some of the CAP personnel I've had to deal with - I would quickly lose hope.

CAP needs to focus its efforts on recruiting and retanining successful, qualified people. Instead, it rewards incompetence and ass-kissing, and I have all too often seen those who should not be in charge of ANYTHING being put in charge of entire squadrons, indeed - entire Wing-level programs.

In short - CAPs not "as advertised".

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Name - SkyRider 02:52:35 09-27-10
I am lost on the conversation
I admit I am completely out of the loop on whatever Ray Hayden's point is, and honestly even what Sky Rider's point is. I'm not looking to argue, but I am looking to understand. What in the world is Ray's point at his ETEI website? I wish he has an "About Me" link or something so I could get to the heart of the matter. Is he complaining about CAP? If so, what exactly is he complaining about? I find the text on his site to be too vague, so much to the level that I cannot figure out what has happened, is happening, or what he wants to happen.

Sky Rider - please start at the beginning and at least give me a short version of what this is all about. I really would like to know. Thanks so much!

Walter J. Alexander, IV
1Lt, Civil Air Patrol Squadron AL-126

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Name - Walter J. Alexander, IV 04:19:00 09-26-10
CAP Insights
Interesting to see how Ray Hayden from CAP Insights is ranting about homosexuals in CAP when he is participating in gay carnivals..... just like Courter, less than honorable and trustworthy, similar to when he defrauded everyone when he took tests for Pineda and the other bowling cronies...

Long live Skip............... full Article
Name - SkyRider 03:50:54 09-20-10

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