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Sky Graffiti - Major General Courter
Why is this necessary?: "And if you want FURTHER PROOF, well just look at our current National Commander, Major General Amy Courter, not only is she a Women, she's a LESBIAN."

I'm pretty sure that Gen. Courter's sexual orientation is neither a prerequisite for the position of National Commander, nor is it part of her title.  I have personally met Gen. Courter, and found her to be intelligent, approachable and friendly.  I think she is a good example of what a person can do in CAP, even if they are not a pilot.  It's a disgrace that a cadet would even bring this up.

1Lt Walter J. Alexander, IV
Springville Composite Squadron 126, Alabama Wing
Civil Air Patrol, USAF Auxiliary

Editorial Response
Just make sure that your Cadets do not see Major General Amy Courter kissing a Dyke. It may be very sexually stimulating for young boys and confusing to them. For 2Lt and up it may be an appropriate adult fetish.

X 2Lt Stanley Fiala
Squadron 40

police Article
Name - Walter Alexander 08:18:29 03-31-10
Criticisms of CAP
I have been involved with CAP for several years. From my level, I think it's a good organization. We are a cadet-centric squadron - we have no airplanes. We spend time with cadets teaching them about aerospace technology, making rockets, team-building exercises, teaching leadership, etc. We take them to air shows, museums, camping weekends and such.

Your web site seems bent on painting CAP as a corrupt organization. I can assure you that there is nothing corrupt or underhanded going on that I have seen.

1Lt Walter J. Alexander, IV
Springville Composite Squadron AL-126
Alabama Wing, Civil Air Patrol

Editorial Response
Nice job.... Nice webpage.

X 2Lt Stanley Fiala
Squadron 40

full Article
Name - Walter Alexander 08:07:11 03-31-10
Total Bullshit
I have never seen such total bullshit posted on the web before against an organization I have spend 45 years volunteering for. This ranting and raving goes beyond the pale of "free speech". If this bullshit had been directed against me, your asses would be spending most of your time inside a courtroom and not have time to post such crap. Well thank you lucky stars that you live in America. I do!

Editorial Response
This bullshit can't never be directed against you because you are anonymous CAP COWARD!
Put down your name, rank and squadron here before you start making your threats.

full Article
Name - SkyRider 17:39:49 03-12-10

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