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What's upp with this place why is everybody complaining about this CAP thing police Article
Name - SkyRider 16:00:09 02-18-10
chicken czech

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Name - SkyRider 14:59:23 02-09-10
The rael problem
that you haven't grown up and left CAP alone regarding of the problems you had, this serves no purpose Stan

Editorial Response.
The resignation is and always was the most effective way of how to create change. The only socialists will clinch on the wrong and will force others to adopt to it by way of tyranny.
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Name - SkyRider 19:40:46 02-05-10
My Mother has personally been to the Czech republic, they do not.

Per population, the U.S. enjoys more freedoms than any nation on earth, to find people more free than us, your looking at Micro-states who can afford to be so care-free... and maybe Canada, though I'm not certian on that, they certiantly have some questionable laws of their own.

Beyond that, get a life, or how about fostering an envirmoent where debate can be FAIR and UNBIASED?

"you will die in Afghanistan for the American illusion."

Do you listen to yourself? Have you ever even SERVED? Unless you've been in someone's shoes, how the hell can you tell US how our lives are going to be?

And no, just to be fair and show you how it's done, I'll correct two statements made by the above post:

1. The cadet Program DID exist in WWII, there's a member in my squadron whom was apart of C.A.P. as a cadet in 1943, back then they didn't have officer ranks.

2. There are more Army Privates from my squadron than Air Force Personnel, we also have someone who went to the Coast Guard Academy, and another who plans to go Navy. It's not a solely Air Force recruting tool, it's just they happen to be footing the bill, and we wear their uniforms as a result.

Editorial response
So, now when you got your bull shit of your chest, what is your real problem?.... Huh?

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Name - An Actual Civil Air Patrol Cadet 02:42:39 02-02-10
Oh Hell
C.A.P. was founded in 1941, I don't give a damn what Hitler was doing, were not based on that model, we can't carry weapons, we cannot ARREST people, were not waging a "Holy War" if we have Cadets and Senior members that are Islamic and Jewish, and hell I know two who are from the former eastern Bloc, RUSSIANS, and one was even a member of SPETNAZ, know how much we hated them in Cold War?

And if you want FURTHER PROOF, well just look at our current National Commander, Major General Amy Courter, not only is she a Women, she's a LESBIAN.

Furthermore, we do 90% of the Search & rescue work for the Air Force, if a plane goes down, we are by far the cheapest organization to call upon to go and look for it, because we are made up of Volunteers who pay our own way to do this. TO DO THAT JOB, you need DISCIPLINE, you need to be able to FOLLOW ORDERS, and the structure of C.A.P., a CIVIL SERVICE organization, just like the BOY SCOUTS, was made in light of that fact.

Our connection to the Air Force is a matter of history and funding, why are you even whining about that? What the hell is the POINT? Could we use more oversight? Perhaps, but your tangent about "oh we need to be apart of the civilian militia" is completely asinine, dear God, GET OFF SEMANTICS!

Our members do not exist in some "flux" of the law, if we do something wrong, we ARE held accountable, I've PERSONALLY witnessed that happen. The fact you've gone to the trouble to point out the few exceptions as you see it, no doubt colored by what facts you didn't share, proves nothing, and do not reflect on the organization as whole.

Your on a witch hunt, paranoid, it's people like you whom give those who try to do good a hard time, all because you can't understand why and think there most be some other "ulterior" motive. full Article
Name - An Actual Civil Air Patrol Cadet 02:22:55 02-02-10

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