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Sky Graffiti - Join Request
How do you join your committee

Editorial response
Hi Steve, you have to also include your email, so we can contact you directly. You should also tell us in which part of the USA you live, like city, how old are you, what is your relationship to CAP and why would you want to reform it.

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Name - Steve Hussman 01:07:17 09-24-09
Please post information on how to join your committee

Editorial response
To join you cannot post anonymously.
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Name - COMMITTEE MEMBERS 14:20:20 09-23-09
Won't post the recent conversation

What about posting the recent conversation

Editorial Response
It is my rule not to debate any issue with an anonymous poster, troll and therefore a coward!

So please state your name, rank, squadron and email address.

In addition I will not debate any issue which contradicts unalienable rights.

The morality is religiously based - thus gravely contradicts the constitutional rights so I do not debate morality either.

If you have a problem with prostitution and drugs among consenting adults in USA - please contact Osama bin Laden blog because he may understand your fucking religious-oppressive-socialistic and unconstitutional bullshit.

-Stanley Fiala

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Name - CAPCadet_reality 16:00:34 09-15-09
Response to Editorial Response
Did anyone miss the issue that the White House is not Communist, it is Socialist. BIG BIG Difference.

The Czechs do not have more freedom than the USA ever had, it is still fighting freedom for females(country with the highest rate of trafficking in the illicit sec trades for women and children).

Racist violence is higher than it has ever been, and the basic freedoms are limited to what is tolerated.

The velvet revolution in 1989 opened pandora's box and hopefully, the social culture will mature and set the precedent of truth and honesty.

Editorial response
I should remind you COPcadet that this forum is about the CAP not about the Czech republic.

However, there is no difference between the communism and the socialism. Both Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin were the socialists and leftists.

The Obama is no exception, unconstitutionally appointing communist czars like Van Jones and nearly 30 other czars, nationalizing industry like GMC, insurance like AIG, Banks and health care.... in the democracy?

... and you are defending that CAPcadet!

The Czechs have more freedom because they do NOT fight the freedom for females "country with the highest rate of trafficking in the illicit sec trades for women and children" as you have falsely stated.

FYI, you are a typical American communist who must falsely add the word "children" into the fray.(Lets make it emotional...Huh?)

The country which is perpetually fighting unconstitutional wars is USA with, i.e. war on drugs, war on sex, war on poverty, war on terror, war on hate.... war on every tithing.

For example there are documented cases of child rape by the CAP. See

So called prostitution, an act among consenting adults and protected by the US constitution, is legal in the Czech republic. So fuck off of that subject.

The one of unalienable rights under the US constitution is to own your body!... Please check a definition of the ownership.

There is no racial violence in Czech republic beyond a freedom of the expression!

Yes! The velvet revolution in 1989 opened pandora's box and hopefully will show how fascistic and illusionary the freedom in the USA is.

-Stanley Fiala
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Name - CAPcadet-reality 12:20:52 09-13-09
CAP is not a joke, yet it is
The CAP program has two functions, the Cadet program for the indoctrination of cadets into quasi-military existance and a subtle assimilation into the Air Force. The Cadet program did not exist until after WW2 and the Air Force saw it as another recruiting vehicle (read the AF Archives).

The other is Emergency Services, which is constantly re-defined by each unit. The lack of one definition, one mission and all the bickering and Air Force wanna-bee's (the uniform does not make the person - yes, senior members who are not prior service can still play GI JOE, or those that were kicked out for moral issues or those that dream they are Captain Crusader) make for a general bad expereince.

Cadet's who stay with the program and use it to their benefit, excel and have positive results, now and in their future lives. Those that leave the cadet program because of various reasons (didn't like the unit, school and parental issues, change in normal life and activities, lack of willingness to stay within the program boundaries), does not make a bad program.

The reflection that the program didn't work for some (including the editor), is only their opinion. Live for yourself and take value in what works for you.

No one is going to reform CAP unless it is the Air Force and Congress. The grassroots efforts have failed and will fail. CAP is cheap on the budget to have resources available that can't be spent through the Air Force budget. **Reality check** It is all about the money and the resources you can buy with it. The positive aspect with all the detractor's here (including the editor), is that they have something to argue, reflect upon and hate, insteaad of moving on with their lives and "chalking it up" to "an experience". That is the freedom the US has to offer which they didn't have under their Czech and other homelands.

Learn one lesson in your youth, you make what you want out of anything you will do in this world, including CAP. Those that couldn't, CAN'T!! Nothing they say will change what you personally get out of the program. Let ehem have their bigotry and hatred. If it is going to affect your progress and the rewards you are getting out of the program, you need to re-evaluate yourself. How is their view of the program, going to change your views and accompishments?? Guess what, if you are strong, mentally and emotionally, anything they say will mean nothing!!!!

Editorial response
It is true that in 1968 the Czech and other homelands did not have a freedom. In addition, they had communist government too.

Today however, the exact posit is true. We have communists in the White house and the unalienable rights guaranteed by the constitution are nonexistent.

The Czechs have more freedom now than USA ever had.

Do not be an ignorant CAPcadet and educate yourself or you will die in Afghanistan for the American illusion.

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Name - CAPcadet-reality 13:25:04 09-12-09

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