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Sky Graffiti - anonymous posting
Civil Air Patrol
July 22, 2009

To fellow members of the National Board,

As you are all aware, the investigations into allegations against the National Commander are complete. 

Per our National Board Resolution set forth at the 2009 Winter National Board meeting, reports of these investigations and 
the findings have been turned over to the National Legal Officer by the National Inspector General. 

This was done at the direction of the Board of Governors.

On July 15th, we received notification from Col. Barry Herrin, our National Legal Officer, that two of the allegations were 
“sustained” but that he finds that there has been no “personal misconduct” by the National Commander and therefore 
believes that no further action is necessary or required. 

However, Article 15 of the CAP Constitution & By-Laws, and specifically CAP Regulation 35-7,para.3(c) states the following:

“If the National Legal Officer determines that no probable cause exists, a ballot shall be furnished to each member of 
the National Board by which the members of the National Board may vote to convene to consider and vote on the 
issue of removal. Ballots must be returned to the National Legal Officer within 5 business days following the date on 
which the ballots are sent. If more than 50 percent of the members of the National Board vote in favor of convening, 
then the National Board shall convene within 45 days to consider and vote on the issue of removal, and the subject 
officer shall be in a suspended status until the issue is decided by the National Board.” 

Several Board members have taken the first steps necessary to seek the resolution we must have to move the organization 

We contacted Col. Herrin and asked him to follow the regulations as prescribed.  As indicated in the response letter from 
Col. Herrin, he refuses to do so and is thus clearly in violation of the CAP Constitution & By-Laws, specifically CAPR 35-7.

In order to insure that the actual steps taken regarding the current situation are available to the entire National Board, we 
are sending you this electronic notification of these events, today. 

It is incumbent upon all of us to now come together and require that the National Legal Officer release the appropriate 
information and poll the National Board to properly resolve the issue in the manner prescribed by our rules and regulations. 

Fifty-one National Board members voted “yea” on that February resolution so we could hear this matter in an open forum 
as dictated by the Constitution and By-Laws and CAP regulations. 

We believe that the verbal comments by Col. Herrin during our conference call on the evening of the 19th, as well as his 
written response to our letter, where he stated he was prohibited from releasing the information to us by the BOG, may not 
be quite accurate. 

He was advised as follows:

“This report has been provided to you only for your legal review and if any additional step or action is required on 
your part as the CAP National Legal Officer you are to inform the BOG of your intended action and obtain prior BOG 
approval of the proposed course of action before you may proceed.”

Civil Air Patrol Col. Herrin has an obligation to the rules he has sworn to uphold and is required to forward the information 
to our body. Notwithstanding that the “directive” from the BOG presents a separate issue for the National Board to resolve 
at some other time, Col Herrin has refused through his verbal and written comments, to even attempt to satisfy his 

As a National Board, we cannot settle for a negative perception to arise from this issue and we must, with a clear 
conscience, work together to resolve this issue in an open, honest, and transparent environment. Our National Commander 
herself commented at the February meeting after we voted, that she did desire our regulations to be the process used to 
conclude this issue.

We are now, therefore, at a crossroads. We ask that you join us in our efforts to resolve this crisis and distraction. We ask 
that you forward to any one of us as soon as possible, your agreement to be included as a endorser of a directive to the 
NLO to comply with his constitutional duties, which shall be forwarded only upon the receipt of a majority (or more) of 
National Board members. The communication will direct that he follow thru on all of the conflicting directives he was given, 
so that he can then forward the information in accordance with our regulations.

In the event that the NLO receives further conflicting directives that continue interference with our regulations, he can 
immediately enlist our combined assistance to remedy any restrictions to his ability to comply.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call any one of the National Board members listed below. It 
is imperative that we communicate openly with one another concerning these very serious issues before us. Our fiduciary 
responsibility demands nothing less.

police Article
Name - flamed 20:44:02 07-25-09
a joke of an organization
c.a.p. Child Abuse Professionals full Article
Name - FLAMED 20:41:24 07-25-09
Character Assassination
Interesting that the CDR makes that statement when you have to participate to get any rank within CAP.

Forward the email to the Wing and National Commander's ( and publish the letter on here. The CDR will have major issues to deal with especially after she is relieved for what she wrote, if it is as damaging as you indicated. full Article
Name - SkyRider 08:31:18 07-22-09
Answer to Parent! (May Blog)
I haven't been on this site in a year or so, but coming back and seeing your Article, and other blogs, shows that CAP has not changed, and will never change. Just another example of Air Force wanabes, individuals that that have a Rank and think they are somebody. I wouldn't worry about it. Pull your son out and have him join Air Force ROTC and get him out of a program what is for whimps and losers that are pretending to be in the military! Name needs to be changed to Childrens Air Patrol. Its to bad, because the Cadet Program could be a real benefit to teenagers. Its unfortunate that you have idiot senior members running the show that want to play GI Joe. Get in to an ROTC program that is run by Military personal and is well respected! full Article
Name - Former Member, glad to be out! 04:40:12 07-18-09
Character assination to a cadet from a cadet commander
I as a parent just recieved an email from my son's cadet commander (SR member, capt) making statements that my son is selfish and only concerned with making rank and not partaking in CAP activities for the past year. Well, the CDR is mistaken for one thing. My son also participates in HS athletics from Nov thru May due to B-ball and track. Even CAP says that school activities come first. First and foremost, she did not even talk to my son, she just sent an email stating what she said about my son. Character assination if I may say so. full Article
Name - SkyRider 14:08:54 07-17-09

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