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Sky Graffiti - weirdos
whats up with you lamers yall sounds like a bunch of little pussys

whats up with this commie shit

like anyone cares what a bunch of pussys say anyway

police Article
Name - SkyRider 18:32:43 11-19-08
Mr. Fiala
Are you indicating that you have access to CAP's internal computer systems?

Editorial Response
I have no clue based on what your Bolshevik CAP mine concluded to have a reason to ask me such stupid question.

The assumption is that your superior officer does have an access and can determine if you are dead or live CAP Bolshevik.

I have noticed that this is the second post where you have failed to sign your crapola while making personal attacks. Third one will be not published if unsigned and without your email.

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Name - SkyRider 21:33:13 11-18-08
Get Better Resources
Didn't say Edwin Lewis, didn't say anything about California......

Pacific Region is comprised of 6 states............ There are currently 3 Col Ed Lewis's in Pacific Region for the past 50 years, of which I am one of them.....

You need to do better research before you degrade anyone... and then again, that seems to be your typical rhetoric and practice on this site......

Editorial Response
Give me your membership number.
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Name - SkyRider 20:29:49 11-17-08
Mr. Fiala
Mr. Fiala,

I found it interesting reading the various entries on your site. The focus is not one of benefit, but one of hatred.

You were asked to leave SQ40 due to your attitude and unwillingness to work within the organization. You were provided the rationale of your termination and were given the right to appeal this to the Membership Review Board at National. In checking with the MRB, you never made any attempt to appeal the decision nor the reasons behind it.

Your website is a sounding board of hatred, not for correcting issues, just one of angry dissatisfied folks. Your posts on other sites exhibit the same malicious behavior that resulted in your membership being terminated from CAP.

For your benefit and others, please tone down the rhetoric and invest more positive actions and attitude in activities that will benefit your community. Attacking everyone and everything around you won't achieve your goals. Ask yourself, have you been successful in any venture where these behaviors worked?


Ed Lewis

Editorial Reply
According to the following article you are spouse to be dead Colonel Ed Lewis. See, it is probably the most grave cowardliness of the CAP member to use dead man's name as his own pseudonym.... but knowing the CAP pussies I digress.

FYI ghost Ed, I was not terminated at SQ40. I have received only a letter of admonishment based on which I have turned my membership card to Capt. Gerst. The rest was clearly described in my prior post where I have published the original email based on which I received the admonishment. See

Obviously, judging from your profuse use of the word "hate" you are a socialist with whom I have very little in common. I have escaped from the mild European socialism seeking a freedom only to find myself 20 years later in a brutal USA socialism where a free speech is considered an expression of the hate. I am forced to live in socialistic HOA housing because for last 20 years it is forbidden do build non HOA housing in the Orange County California.

I do not hate!.... I tell the truth which people do not want to hear, whether it is about my HOA, CAP or my City of Santa Ana where I run every 2 years for the mayor.

I get a kick out of the candidates forums where, my friend Mayor Pulido, tells people a crapola about the affordable housing and I tell them that there is no such thing. People usually get angry at me even though that they never get any affordable housing after the election. See 2006 photo I am the one with the glasses.

Perhaps you should ask all SA Council Members Benavides, Bustamante, Tinajero, Martinez, Alvarez, Sarmiento, Mayor Pulido, Police Chief Walters what a fucking asshole am I. Tell them that Stan send you. You may be surprised.

Santa Ana City Council
20 Civic Center Plaza
P.O. Box 1988, M31
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Phone: 714-647-6900
Fax: 714-647-6954

We are entering into an economical crises which will last for a decade only because of the socialists and stupid people who votes for the socialists.

Nothing can change the fact that we have soldiers who are feminized socialistic cowards who undress their enemy, pile them on the top of each other and play with their penises.

You have forgotten how to teach young boys to become a men and that is why any enemy with medieval weaponry can defeat you.

The Capt. Gerst and the entire SQ40 got offended by my use of "fuck" in my email..... what a fucking pussies.

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Name - Colonel Ed Lewis, Pacific Region 22:34:18 11-15-08
Editorial Rebuttal
This is a funny running JOKE

The czech dude get's canned from a volunteer organization, how messed up is that, and on his site,all he does is blame others and he is the one going to jail

The pleasure mother earth gave unto us, her children.

Stan, grow up, this is just an area for us to rag on you and nothing more.Pay your money and waste your time,you are looked upon in even dimmer light than before

Grow up

Editorial Response
In the Socialistic USA where about 2,000,000 out of 200,000,000 citizens are incarcerated it does not take too much effort to end up in jail, for what ever reason.

A part of grooving up is to learn that the famous USA best judicial system in the world is actually judging its population by lowering them, in the basket, into the river for 5 minutes and if they do not live through it they are declared innocent and if they survive they are found guilty.

A part of grooving up is also to learn that the cowards, CAPs, never attach their name to their speech when they are attacking others.

You grow up and sign your crapola next time.

FYI, by definition, a reformist does not reform himself to reform.

P.S. You have stated: "this is just an area for us to rag on you and nothing more". I doubt that. If you will not sign your name and squadron while doing so you will be just pissing into the wind my friend.

full Article
Name - SkyRider 00:13:55 11-15-08
committee to reform CAP
one person makes a committee?

Sounds fishier than your resignation from sq40 (rather you were 2B'd from SQ40)

Save your money and time and do something better than all your rants of how everyone has cheated you.....

Your other blogs makes this one seem even more childish in your attempts to reform no one

Editorial Response
It is always apologists, ass kissers and fucking assholes like you who turns any organization into a socialistic hell.

full Article
Name - SkyRider 23:04:05 11-09-08

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