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Sky Graffiti - Palm Springs CAP sucks!
Hey, everyone! Just want to say that PALM SPRINGS UNIT sould be closed down. This unit is a small group of old guys who are not interested in new members. If anyone does show up by some fluke they procedd by welcoming them by totally ignoring them. Sure they give you papers, but will not sign them. They also appear to be very racially particular. No one of any color allowed except white. The head officer is known for suddenly jumping up during meetings, grabbing his crouch and yelling "This is for fun, This is my gun" as he marches about the musuem. When they finally calm him down, he beging to drink from a bottle heavly, cursing, and farting loudly. What a group! Join them today!

police Article
Name - Baron Von Richtoven 14:18:25 10-15-08
instead of more clarification
make the changes within yourself to be happy with CAP.... this isn't the forum to make change... this is the forum to keep someone who was 2b'd from the organization by validating how unfair the organization was to him.... Standards of conduct are an unknown to people who don't agree with an organization that is modeled to a specific operating flavor.............

Make your world of CAP better............. again, this isn't the place as the person who is running this blog has misgivings about CAP and other areas around him..... read all the links.........

Editorial Response
Ken, you have stated: "the person who is running this blog has misgivings about CAP and other areas around him..... read all the links........."

I am originally from old communist Czechoslovakia and people like you always made good communists or fascists or religious fanatics or al qaeda or any blind sheep who has no capacity to civilly disobey any crapola imposed on them by the organization's demagogue. You would made good CAP torturer to do waterboarding, rape and pillaging if your commander will order you to do so.

So Ken look around you and see where this law abiding GOD fearing citizens took this country to. We are bankrupt financially and morally because we obey idiots.

It is time for you to evolve Ken!

My problem with CAP was simple realization that I am in a group of phony individuals. As I have stated, I have been admonished for stating "your fucking server -- asshole" to a X-CAP member who was providing hosting for our web page and refused to cooperate with me to debug something on the server what was his problem.

The statement was made as man to man in a private conversation via the email in my capacity as volunteer webmaster. See the original unedited e-mail

As shown in the email I have used great deal of my patience with said idiot to protect squadron's web page reliability and accessibility. After exhausting all reasonable language I have drooped "F" bomb to protect my squadron against an idiot who was no longer CAP but had good connection to the California wing leadership.

Not one member spoked on my behave.

After this incident I have realized that I cannot trust anyone in the squadron and would not trust them during the rescue mission flights and it would be not prudent for me to stay.

Based on this incident I believe that my Squadron 40 consisted of the GOD fearing church going phony fucking assholes who prayed before every meeting yet would not support one of their own and would throw him under the bus.


In my opinion CAP is only for well established professionals who can benefit from tax write off on their private planes and to brainwash youth to be ready to die for wrong values as madrasas do.

full Article
Name - Ken Parris 22:23:07 10-06-08
More Clarification
Sorry for the confusion, my spell checker “auto-corrected” my spelling. It is a “Psychological” exam I was referring to. In any case, I agree with you in part. I’m not saying that every senior and cadet should be required to take a Psychological exam. Cadets should be excluded, they’re young. But upon becoming a new senior member, the person AT HIS EXPENSE should be sent to a Psychologist CHOSEN BY CAP for a complete and in-depth Psychological profile. Even if it costs some money, he must be told this is the cost of joining CAP. The following things should be investigated by an experienced doctor (after the person has passed a complete criminal background check)

1. What is his/her attitude toward children and does he/she have kids.
2. Is the person on any psychological or mood control medication
3. Is the person ex-military and if so, what was his job and how may years
(what we’re looking for here is combat trauma or self-proclaimed war heros or any other job that involved abuse against people or prisoners of war – IF ENLISTED, ATTITUDE TOWARD OFFICERS –or his he one of these enlisted people that despise officers and constantly say “Don’t call me Sir, my mother and father were married” – hearing this or a similar phrase is a RED FLAG !)
4. What is the person’s occupation – (what we’re looking for here is any signs of depression, negative responsibility, jobs such as hard-core correctional jailers, or any job for that matter that could affect a person’s attitude and mind in a negative manner over a period of time).
5. Any mental illnesses or disorders.
6. History of volunteer work.
7. Hobbies or activities the person does.
8. His appearance in general.
9. His attitude toward violence and child abuse; any history of violence.
10. The type of English that comes out of his mouth – does he sound educated ?
11. High level of assertiveness – being pushy – short fused – bullish
12. Was he known as the “high-school” bully when he was young ?
13. Does he drink or smoke excessively (red flags)

Again this is a partial list, a good Psychologist will probably have a 100-ITEM checklist and will “sniff out” any irregularities that CAP need to know just as well as a drug sniffing dog will sniff drugs very well hidden anywhere.


But this need to be done !!
full Article
Name - Concerned Senior 09:30:44 10-06-08

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15 Palm Springs CAP sucks!
06 instead of more clarification..
06 More Clarification
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