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Sky Graffiti - Clarifications question
A Physiological profile is the health of an individual, not their attitude.

That would require a Psychological evaluation and with society at large, CAP would cease to exist if every member, senior or cadet, were required to take a psychological survey in order to stay in or to join.

I have seen a high number of cadets and seniors who shouldn't be associated with the program.  Their attitude and the attitude of the cadet's parents; the seniors who shouldn't be around anyone for that matter.....
police Article
Name - SkyRider 22:00:22 09-29-08
OK guys, let me try to clear up the mess ! I see what is being said. And it is certainly not against police officers.

What I think is the point here is that before we allow an adult to join CAP and/or put him/her in a position of authority (whether over cadets or other senior members), CAP should examine his background !

Now look at the bare facts...if the prospective senior member was a correctional officer discipline hard-core offenders for the past 20 years, would you want him in your squadron ? Don't you think there would be a red flag about his personal character?

To prove my point...yes ! I had a female jailhouse corrections officer call me and inquire about joining, and quite frankly, her attitude over the phone scared the crap out of me....I mean "she was the boss and period and no talking back to her....answer her question - OR ELSE !" WE DON'T NEED THESE PEOPLE IN CAP !!! WE ARE NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF "BREAKING PEOPLE".

Point being here, that before any senior is allowed to join, his/her complete criminal background should be checked! (more in-depth than we do it now), and there should be a physiological profile made on him by a licensed doctor - you know, positively determine how he feels about himself, little kids, how he feels about the world in general, how he handles stress & pressure, is he/she "short-fused" or does he/she possess a "commando attitude"? Has he/she has nervous breakdowns, take medicine to control his/her behavior ? THESE THINGS HAVE TO BE DETERMINED BY A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL...WE DON'T NEED ANY OF THESE NUT-BAGS IN CIVIL AIR PATROL !! THIS IS WHAT IS RUINING US !!!
full Article
Name - Concerned Senior member 18:25:35 09-28-08

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