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Sky Graffiti - Amazing
It is amazing to see someone respond with such a misunderstanding of the point being addressed.

The cadet In April made reference to individuals, who should not be associated with CAP's cadet program, much less the program as a whole.

The elements that were addressed mirror a lot of the standards that the cadet's have to function under.  His subtle analogy of having the same standard apply between seniors and cadets is admirable in a way.

The issue of Correctional Officer's is totally taken out of proportion.  Having worked at Lima State Hospital before and the conversion to Lima Correctional Institute, the view of a Correctional Officer who misuses their authority and position (which was the point of his analogy) is not uncommon in the REAL WORLD.  The number of CO's who abused inmates and their families is well documented in Ohio, and other states as well.

Taking offense to a dramatic comment to emphasize a point as well as a someone's view to weed out the individual's who should not be participating around the Cadet program lends one to question what your point is.

Zero reference was made to WWII CAP members, or the Law Enforcement community.  Your statement about a Hard Core Marine doesn't equate to the abuse by a CO.

Before you slam anyone, take 7 seconds and re-read what you thought you understood before reacting out of context.

Congratulations on your chosen profession as a Security Officer in Ohio.  Please don't take offense to what was said as a slam on anyone, including your father.

police Article
Name - SkyRider 20:18:42 08-09-08
Stupid Ideas Buddy, Dont Quit Your Day Job Please!!!
What You say makes no sense, under your stupid ideas the guys in WWII era Civil Air Patrol some of them wouldnt even have been able to join because of your stupid ideas, yet they stopped hittler. So i guess they should have taken your ideas back then and used them? Then just let hittler attack the united states and kill people.

As for the Correction Officer comment you have no idea what your talking about. Now as a Correction Officer you mean a Prison? My dad was a Deputy Sheriff 12 yrs assigned to the Corrections Div, however he had full police powers, that makes no differene any American Law Enforcement Officer serves this country day in and day out. You say hard core what about a hard core marine? Keep in mind most officers of any agency serve this country ten yrs not 2 to 4 yrs. My dad is still serving as a security officer now, refered to in the state law as Private Police Officers are what security ofc's are here. Licensed under the dept of public safety/div of homeland security. I suggest you dont quit your day job, we need real people who serve the country. Oh by the way im also a security officer (priv police officer as in Code 2921.51 Section (2)

You did graduate 6th grade? Maybe Not!

Freedom Isn't Free full Article
Name - SkyRider 04:30:22 08-07-08

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