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Thanks for understanding my last statement.  I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but, I just give credit where credit is due.  Lets look at a few more things...

This week, Arizona just had its Spring FTX.  There were lots of new cadets for the first time (and really the first time in a BDU uniform).  I'll tell you, if you could only see the excitement in their eyes, it would tell you something.  In our regular meeting, we promoted 5 brand new cadets to CADET AIRMAN (1 stripe) and again, I'll tell you, if you could only see the "smile" on their face, it seems they just won the lottery!

Now you mentioned that we have to get rid of Senior Member uniforms.  I have to disagree with you on that one.  When we promoted these new cadets, they were "looking up to" the Squadron Commander and DCC who were in full Air Force Blues.  Beleive me, it would not have been the same.

Now as I said before, I agree with you, we have our share of "assholes" "scoundrels" "cheats" "hot-tempered bastards" and "dirt-bags" who don't deserve to be near us and who really give us a bad name, but what can we do ?  However, I think our squadron is blessed with the fact that we have some people with past military experience, good attitude, calm and understandind.  But yeah, I know, we're lucky, nit all squadrons share our good holding.  We're fortunate.

If it was up to me, OH YEAH, I would make every new member go through:

1. In-depth criminal background check.
2. In depth physiological exam (preferably by a MD)
3. In-depth medical exam
4. Adherence to AF hieght & weight standards (no pass - no join - period)
5. An experience interview (if they were ex-military or not, their job experience, etc.).
6. An investigation into the civilian job that they are doing (i.e. you would not want a hard-core bad-attitude Jail Correction officer to be next to cadets or on that token even in a cadet squadron).
7. College education....I would re-institute the rank of Warrant Officers again and only give this grade to people with A.S. Degrees, otherwise, a Bachelor's degree MINIMUM ! to hold a grade of 2LT. and above.
8. I would make the time-in grade requirements the same as the US Air Force (so you would not have any specially "groomed senior members" - you knopw those guys that have a grade of major, LT. COL or COL and have only been in CAP 3 - 5 years), yup that would go away.
9. Annual performance evaluation exams done by regular or reserve AF officers and what ever they say...GOES.
10. NO PILOTS OVER THE AGE OF 65.  the same as the airlines, and many will not agree with me on this one, but I have my reasons.


Thanks for listening.

police Article
Name - A Long Time Member of CAP - Arizona 21:00:26 04-08-08

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