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Sky Graffiti - Reform of CAP
I would like to comment on the 'Reform of Civil Air Patrol' as stated by CRCAP. I agree that CAP needs reforming. I personally do not think CAP is trying to Brainwash the Cadets or its senior members; however, I do believe there is a false sense that people that belong to CAP are part of the Military, which is not the case. CAP seems to draw those individuals that want to be in the Military, but not take the responsibility to what-it-takes to be a military officer. To be a pretend major or colonel doesn't cut-it. Wearing a military flight suit while flying a single-engine airplane does not make you John Wayne flying a P40 against Japan.

The Air Force needs to get rid of the CAP program or the CAP program needs to be restructured as a total civilian program under civilian control without the so-called appointment of a 'General' as head of the organization. While I was in CAP I saw to many stupid senior members with Hi-Rank trying to be something they are not and were probably never in the military and only care about their own well-being.

As far as the Chaplain Program. Religion should not be a factor in CAP. Most Chaplains I have met in CAP mean-well, but this should not be part of the program to cram a religious belief on someone, especially a young teenager in the Cadet program.

CAP needs to get with the times. Be a total civilian program, run by a Corporate Board-of-Directors. Have structured leadership positions (not Rank) with better focus on the Cadet Program Aerospace Education with Air Force ROTC as the format for the program for Cadets.

Seniors interested in the program for Emergency Service, Medical, Flying, Communications, should have a structured department working with FEMA or local agencies, or State Governments (like the CERT program).

I agree, the entire program needs reforming. I would rather have a civilian individual flying next to me in a search instead of a military wanabee wondering if his major insignia on his flight suite is showing to the public. Wake up NHQ, get with the times!

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Name - A concerned, retired military, formal member 03:56:04 02-26-08

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