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Sky Graffiti - christian facists?????
What is up with this Editor.........

Editorial response
Any organization which legislates morality like CAP and prays before meeting is Christian-Fascist organization


police Article
Name - SkyRider 18:10:12 08-25-07
who cares about the language
sure sounds like inappropriate behavior on the actions of the person who resigned...........

and then again, whoever this gerst person is, doesn't seem to be part of CAP anymore anyways............

There is a lot of hate being put forth by the owner of this site.........

Editorial response
This Gerst person is still with CAP.


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Name - SkyRider 17:30:56 08-25-07
Capt. Gerst R. Paul
In the presence of cadets, such language should not be used. The adults must set the example.

Amongst themselves, however, adults can be adults. T

Editorial Response
I should add that the language "your fucking server" was used in private e-mail conversation to a x-member of CAP man to man.

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Name - SkyRider 13:17:05 08-20-07
Abolish the Senior Member Program
I'm a former Senior Member. I left CAP back in '83 because I felt it was a total waste of my time.

My problem wasn't with the cadet program as I felt there were a good number of young men and women who could benefit from the program -- if it were run properly. Many of the cadets I worked with went on to military careers as well as the service academies. Their success was not because of -- but rather in SPITE of the Senior Members who ran the show.

This takes me to my major gripe with the CAP program. Many of the SM's had no prior military experience and were there IMHO to live a fantasy that they could never have in their real lives. They wanted to play military, wear a uniform and hold a rank that meant absolutely nothing.

The power cliques that developed from these wannabes created very harsh and dysfunctional environments that in turn, had an adverse impact upon the cadets. If you want an example, we had a child molester who went out on a bivouac and molested several male cadets. Thankfully, this individual is now in prison.

We had a squadron commander who had mental issues and constantly berated cadets and seniors alike in front of the group as a whole.

These are just some examples of many of the bad apples I found in the Senior Member program. It attracted these nutjobs like flies to exrement. These types of individuals ruined an otherwies beneficial experience for many cadets who walked away from the program shaking their heads. They could not understand why their 'adult' leadership had the emotional maturity of adolescents.

My soulution would be to get rid of the Senior Member program entirely. The cadet program should be run by Air Force reservists only. IRR members could get retirement points for their efforts and use their military experience and leadership abilities to the cadets -- helping them build a better future for themselves.

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Name - SkyRider 09:51:41 08-20-07
MG Pineda has
The following was posted on CAP-Talk, and had been forward by numerous Wing Commanders.

The following email is sent on behalf of Major General Richard L. Bowling, Chairman of the CAP Board of Governors.

The Board of Governors recently convened a special meeting to receive the report of investigation concerning allegations against the National Commander.

Until the Board of Governors has completed it's final action, the membership of Major General Antonio J. Pineda has been suspended for a period of up to 180 days. During this period, Major General Pineda is prohibited from having contact with any member of Civil Air Patrol.

As prescribed in Section 10 of the CAP Constitution and Bylaws, Brigadier General Amy S. Courter, as National Vice Commander, will assume the duties of the National Commander during this period.

Please ensure the members in the field know that the Board of Governors is doing everything within their power to ensure the continued success of the organization and asks that they continue to support their local communities as well as the goals and objectives of this great organization.

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Name - SkyRider 13:28:31 08-06-07

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