Weapons of Mass Destruction 
CIVIL AIR PATROL - "Malinchismo" as a Dissociative Identity Disorder Caused by
Ritual Political Correctness & Religious Fascism
Civil Air Patrol, United States Air Force Auxiliary, Falcon Senior Squadron 40
Commander Capt. Gerst R. Paul 
4119 W. Commonwealth Ave., AFI Hanger 2, Fullerton, CA 92833, Tell. 714/441-1434

Folks, the Commander Capt. Gerst R. Paul  virtually fragged his subordinate officer who used terms "fuck" and "asshole" in a private man to man communication  unrelated to the CAP, or if related, it was a communication between the CAP officer and web-server provider who was undermining the Squadron 40's WebPage hosting. The Commander's action eventually ended in officer's voluntary resignation.

FAQ: In the war against the terrorism, can we win with commanders like Capt. Gerst?

Washington: The VP Cheney told Vermont's senator, Patrick Leahy to fuck yourself, after he apparently approached George Bush's number two for a chat on the senate floor.

John Kerry Rolling Stone Interview: I mean, when I voted for the war, I voted for what I thought was best for the country. Did I expect Howard Dean to go off to the left and say, "I'm against everything"? Sure. Did I expect George Bush to fuck it up as badly as he did? I don't think anybody did.

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